The Olympics are over

Martha Thompson
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I love the Olympics whether it is the Winter or Summer Games, seeing the athletes compete at their very best all the while representing their country. And don't get me started when an American wins the gold...hearing the National Anthem while our flag raises gets me every time.

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This year with the Winter Games being in Korea it got me thinking of all of the Korean beauty products that I love, and now that you can find them readily in the US it is that much more fun. One brand in particular. Son and Park is one of my favorites and two of their products remain at the top of my list.

 Beauty Water

Beauty Water

Beauty Water is a product that I've really taken to. It reminds me of micellar water but with a kick. Beauty Water is designed to cleanse while gently exfoliating so the next line of products you use have a blank canvas and can be easily absorbed. I use Beauty Water a couple of different ways. First, when I'm using a mask and after I washed it off, I like the Beauty Water to help make sure that all remnants of the mask are gone before I start my hydrating. Second, I love Beauty Water when my skin still feels a little dirty, particularly after a work out. I just feel like I'm getting all the dirt and oil that build up while sweating. Beauty water has a subtle scent but not too overpowering so you really feel fresh.

 Beauty Filter Cream

Beauty Filter Cream

The other Son and Park product that I love is Beauty Filter Cream Glow. This product does exactly what the name says it does. This whipped cream contains pearly magic to illuminate the complexion. After using the filter cream, your skin will look brighter, smoother, and more even, as if you actually put a real life filter on it. I only use this product in the morning. So after I've washed my face and swiped with my Beauty Water I then use Filter Cream as a primer. It is so light but a little goes a long way. I don't wear foundation but tinted moisturizer but this is when you would put either of those on, then go with the rest of your makeup routine. Your skin will look more even and you will have that dewy glow thanks to the pearl magic in the cream.



Butterflies come to beautiful flowers
— Korean unknown author