Game Day or Night

Martha Thompson
When you've had enough family togetherness...

When you've had enough family togetherness...

Each year I like to give you a few suggestions for games that can be played when we get tired of being on our electronic devices and need some human interaction.  Plus with the temperatures expected to drop drastically there may be a lot of together time. I'm giving you both Family Friendly and Adult Only. Please don't confuse the two even though that would make for some interesting dinner time conversation around the kitchen table. 

What do you Meme? This is the hottest game right now and if you like Cards Against Humanity you will love this. It does require a little bit of a sick humor. This is not child friendly but one you and your adult friends will belly laugh.

School of Life Questions-Family Edition. If you've ever played the Tabletop conversations then this is very similar. I chose this because it can start good talks between adults and children. I love the questions. For example: "When did you know you were a grownup?" A. Still waiting. "Was there something that you used to not like but now you do?" A. Avocados  "If life was a class what would be your worst subject?" A. sitting still. You get the drift. This is a great way to connect in front of the fire or on a road trip. PS There are different versions including one on Love and Work.

Truth Bombs. Who doesn't love this cover. In January when it is cold and dreary there is nothing like gathering with friends and playing games. We have a group of friends that we get together with and do just that. And I think this game would be a fun addition. Your teens can also play this with their friends. I would not recommend that adults and teenagers play this together or you may may feel some aftershocks from the "bombs" that drop.

Reverse Charades. People are so clever. Another example of why didn't I think of that? Instead of one person acting out and then the team guess, a team acts out and one person guess. This is a great party game because it allows everyone, no matter the age, to participate.

The Voting Game. This is another game that may be added to our Game Night repertoire. But be warn, everyone must leave their feelings at the door. The idea is you draw a card and write anonymously whoever you think fits.  Here are a couple of examples: "Who resends a text when the person doesn't answer within 10 minutes? "Whose life would win Best Picture if it was turned into a film?" Are you game?

Dirty Words. The adult scrabble game. The words aren't dirty but your mind may be. So when it is just you and the spouse and you need a game that only requires two people give this one a look. The object is to come up with sentences in one minute using the words on the dice that you roll. Because our minds tend to go toward the gutter, you will be laughing for sure.



It’s Never Just a Game When You’re Winning.

— George Carlin