Gift Guides are Back

Adelaide Matte
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I love doing Gift Guides and I thought with a new logo and a new brand what better way to start. This first Gift Guide is really for anyone, from the man in your life, to your mom to even your teenager. Have fun and let me know what you think.

Bolt Thumb Drive. I love this idea and I can think of one, maybe two, people on my list that are going to get this gift. Do you know someone who continuously gets the message on their phone "Out of Storage"? The Bolt Thumb Drive is the answer. You simply plug into your phone and you can transfer your photos to your thumb drive, clearing up space. 

Wireless Headphones. This gift is great for someone that has a newer phone and only has the old kind. The complaint I've heard about wireless ear buds are that they are too expensive but at less than $80.00 this would be a great gift for someone that likes the new tech.

Earbud Organizer. For someone that is not ready to go wireless but is carrying multiple earbuds in a pouch this is a great idea. Did I mention this organizer has a strap. Easy peasy to carry around multiple earbuds. Less than $10.00 so would make a great stocking stuffer.

Pixie Finder. Ok so this is very cool and definitely on my list for a certain family member. Here is a video on how it works. See it here. See it is really neat. Simply attach the pixie to whatever your loved one loses the most and download the app. You will be amazed.

Pocket Printer. Ok so my 15 year old loved the printer she got last year. Something about being able to print your pictures from your bedroom. This printer takes it a step further. Pocket size. Plus it comes in different sizes.

Well we are just getting started. Thanks for being patient as we start this new platform. Can't wait to enjoy this ride with you.





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