Splurge of Save

Adelaide Matte
Screenshot 2017-11-17 14.21.53.png

I’ve really wanted to make this a regular post for a while. Y’all know from last week’s post that I splurged on this Frame blazer which meant other items in my cart had to go back. But luckily my research has found some very good items that look like a “splurge”. All of my “save” items in the picture came from Banana Republic and in fact if you read my Frame post then you know my lesser cost leopard blazer came from Banana Republic as well.

This outfit with a few tweaks can take you from day to night. During the day, carry a larger handbag with a small hoop earring and in the evening add a statement earring and may be a red lipstick. Find links to all these pieces in Shop the Latest.

So I’m trying to decide which day of the week this post works best. Thoughts? I decided to run it on Friday this week just to help jump start the weekend but if there is another day just let me know. I”m happy to play around with it.