My Find of the Week

Adelaide Matte
Screenshot 2017-11-17 14.22.47.png

These MICHAEL Michael Kors Rabbit Fur shoes popped up on my Instagram feed and at first I passed them by but then I couldn’t resist and I had to go check them out. These shoes are on fire. They have sold out at several online retailers so I jumped on it. I love the charcoal gray color and the price point? $125.00. Um yes please!

I debated about the black  ones but then thought they looked too much like boudoir shoes and not something you would wear out. So charcoal gray it was.

They are so comfortable! While a shoe can be as cute as all get out, if I can only wear it for a few minutes without hobbling to find a chair, they will be sent back in a New York minute. Plus at a Christmas party when you seem to stand for hours comfort is key.

So how do I plan on wearing my heels. I’m thinking with my leather pants or a midi length skirt.   I will try them with black jeans but again I don’t want my feet to look like a Playboy bunny. These shoes are going to be a fun Holiday shoe as long as my husband doesn’t get any ideas if you know what I mean.