My Favorite Purchase for Fall

Adelaide Matte
Screenshot 2017-11-17 14.19.54.png

As I’ve gotten older, I find myself buying less items of clothing but more “special” items. This Frame blazergoes in that category. In August, I saw this blazer but just couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. But after dreaming about it (literally) for two months I just couldn’t take it anymore and bought it.

Best purchase. Why? The fit is fabulous. It is narrow at the waist but not too tight in the arms. It can be worn at work over a black shift dress or on the weekend with jeans or on a special night with leather pants and a hot pink pump. Finally, it has that “wow” factor. I’m so glad I took the plunge even if it meant some other items in my cart got put back on the shelf.

Want a less pricey option. Here is this blazer  from Banana Republic.