Secret Girl Behavior

Adelaide Matte

Secret Girl Behavior

Rodan & Fields Eyelash Boost

Y’all remember the Sex and the City episode where Carrie and her friends shared their secret girl behavior; Carrie ate stacks of Ritz crackers while  reading Vogue; Charlotte examined her pores and Miranda lotioned up her hands, put on gloves and watched QVC. Well this post doesn’t go that far and honestly not sure why I’ve been reluctant to share but here goes.

Just a little background, I have thin eyebrows. Almost non existent and have struggled for years with what to do. I’ve used different kinds of pencil to fill them in and while it is helpful I can’t get past the idea that I feel like a clown. But even though my eyebrows are thin, I still have to maintain what is there and  Angela King,my wonderful eyebrow expert, suggested that I tint them. That helps but still wanted that elusive thick brow. So Angela and I were talking about this dilemma and she suggested Rodan and Fields Eyelash Boost.

I was intrigued, I thought the Rodan and Fields Eyelash Boost was only for the eyelashes but I had seen before and after pictures of customer’s eyelashes so knew it worked but how would it work on your eyebrows?

Well…I’m pleased to say it has really helped my eyebrows. I knew I was onto something when I went to my regularly scheduled eyebrow tinting and Angela asked if I wanted a little eyebrow maintenance? Did I need it? Yes she said and I was sold.

It takes about a month until you see the difference but you will. Simply swipe the boost over your eyebrows each night and watch for the results. I’ve linked where you can find it here on Amazon but I bet one your of your neighbors is a Rodan and Fields consultant and can hook you up.